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EGL Puracite and The Production of Anthracite Filter Media in the U.K.

In 1998, former owners Betws Anthracite Ltd. made a decision to build a plant capable of producing Premium Quality Anthracite Filter Media. Anthracite as a filter media has for many years been widely accepted as a way of improving filtration rates and the quality of water. In addition to using Premium Quality Anthracite, the filter media must conform to very stringent sizing parameters and this was bourne in mind during the design and building of our production facility.

In 1998 the plant was commissioned and the product offered for sale, the first customer being the former Welsh Water. Within a few months orders were being received from all corners of the globe via the internet web page. At this point it was also decided to give this unique product its own trade name and ‘Puracite‘ was born. In the following 18 years, a large customer base has been established, supplying many countries and regions including the Far and Middle East, North and South America, Canada, East and Western Europe, Indonesia, Africa, Scandinavia and of course the UK.

In 2003 severe financial pressures brought the closure of the mining activities of Betws Anthracite Ltd., and ownership of the Filter Media plant and business was transferred to the EGL Group and renamed EGL Puracite Limited. The plant is still located at the former Betws washery site producing up to 6000 tonnes of Premium Quality Anthracite Filter Media, from locally mined Welsh Anthracite, for which we have a long term supply contract, guaranteeing a high quality supply for the foreseeable future.

In addition to conventional water treatment applications the product is now being used in Desalination Plants, Sewage & Wastewater Treatment, Petrochemical cleaning applications, Industrial waste water, Paper and Pulp applications, Float glass manufacturing and metallurgical and Foundry Applications.

During the past 18 years we have supplied Puracite Anthracite Filter Media to over 30 countries worldwide, for use in Potable Drinking water, Desalination Plants, Sewage Treatment, Petrochemical Steel and Paper Manufacturing.

We hold large stocks of popular sizes, and have the ability to produce bespoke sizes to meet customer specifications.